Kitchen Dino Silicone Gloves (2pcs)

Kitchen Dino Silicone Gloves (2pcs)

Kitchen Dino Silicone Gloves (2pcs)

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Spending too long washing instead of doing the things you love?

The Kitchen Dino Silicone Gloves are an SGS food safety Verified silicone product, 100% safe for baby products & tableware.

Soft & flexible silicone gloves for deep cleaning every corner, fast foaming to save half of the detergent than usual, no scratches with bristly silicone on kitchenware & glass, replace all other cleaning supplies with one pair of gloves!

  • These Magic Silicone Gloves are made of high-quality and environment-friendly silicone.

  • Super Easy to Clean! Restrains Germs! Can be Sterilized in Boiled water, Microwave or Dishwasher

  • Easier to use and clean: use this silicone brush to replace your old style brush for improving kitchen hygiene. Super easy to clean the brush, just rinse with water or put it in the dishwasher, it will have no residue

  • Pet hair massage, cleaning bath, kitchen and cars

    • Cleaning as if you were rubbing with bare hands: When cleaning, you don't need any other brushes or sponges, release your hands to finish the cleaning work quickly.
    • Designed to withstand high temperatures up to 250 ℃: It can be used to remove hot pots and hold hot dishes.

     Durable: Highly elastic and not tearing easily

    Unlike typical rubber gloves, which tend to be lower quality and can break and tear easily, these magic gloves are made to last. Soft but strong and highly flexible, our Kitchen Dino Silicone Gloves are perfect for cleaning your kitchen, carpet, bath, car, even your pet! These soft, dishwashing gloves are made of high-quality and environmentally friendly, food-grade silicone and cleaning them is a snap.

    To clean, simply rinse with water or run them through the dishwasher. So tough, they can even be sterilized with boiling water. So much cleaner than your old-style scrubbing brush, these gloves are germ, mold and mildew resistant. They're the perfect replacement for your old-style, bristle brush if you're looking to improve your kitchen hygiene!

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